Health & WEllness coach & Trainer , Avid explorer of THE mind, body, soul. Cert iii & iv in fitness, THump boxing instructor, METAFIT COACH, mother of 4 

"Movement frees my mind, releases and awakens an energy in me that nothing else can, it moves more than my body, it energises my soul."

Marissa is a bubbly, energetic, down to earth mother of 4 who is passionate about love, family, friendships, health & wellness and most importantly enjoying life and having fun. 

As a mother of four children she understands the importance of finding the love for yourself and how that impacts every aspect of your life. 

"Movement is vital, it is so easy to lose yourself in the stereotypical story of Motherhood, womanhood and life in general or just lose yourself in the excuses, the reasoning and the judgement. 

To be able to love you, the true you behind all the masks and not be afraid to show that to the world is the bravest and most rewarding thing you will ever do. It not only serves you but shows your children strength and courage that they will want to follow"

Marissa has a strong background in the health, medical and fitness industries where her passion started over twenty years ago. 

Today she is a proud mother, lover of life, follows her heart in everything she does and strives with great success to find the joy in the 'mundane'. 

"If you don't love it, don't do it! When you let go of all that does not serve you it makes room for all that does